The Circle Of Life

The circle of life is balanced around you…

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His eyes captured my heart,
His smile gave me a reason to live,
His existence made me weak,
His one single touch has left me breathless…

Confessions: Behind the Scene


It started off as a combination of poetry writings and erotic short stories.

Two years had passed and I wasn’t nearly done with the first draft of my first short story. Since my author book due date was nearing, I decided to just make this an all-out new poetry book with erotic & lustful poems.

I’m happy and proud with the outcome of this book and I’m currently working on a new erotic/BDSM book series.

The erotic short stories that were supposed to be in the book will now be stand-alone stories for future novel books, Wattpad stories, and blog writings!

Confessions of My Desire: Erotic Poetry Book 

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