Would you ever let me into your head?

Into Your world?

Would you ever let me kiss you?

If I asked you?

I can see myself kissing your soft lips; I can imagine you being as nervous as I am. You are like this love song that I just put on repeat.

I can’t imagine myself not wanting you.

You’re this being that I cannot control.

I only wish I can be with you right now.

I can’t imagine you not in my life.

I have thousands of questions seeping through my mind.

I only want to ask you in hush silence.

Would you let he hold you?

Want to know what your arms feel like wrapped around me.

I’m nothing but a darkened mess.

Would you accept that?

Would you accept me?

For all that I am worth. Would you stay with me? Feel me? Touch me?

These questions are burning inside of me…But I can only ask you this in my dreams…



This endless love is deeper then you will ever know.

Your heart is breaking, but my love for you is still holding true.

The light in your eyes will still always shine.

Even in these darkest times…I will still shine that bright light for you to walk through.

The path that which you walk through will always hold you tight.

Tight to keep you safe and grounded.

Please hear my words…

Keep walking in that straight path, even when the path grows narrow.

For I will always hear you, when you call me.

Speak to me, speak the truth my love, as I need to hear why your heart is breaking so.

For you are not alone in this.

Stand tall, stand strong, you are not alone my love.

Fight for me…as I would fight FOR you…

An Interview with Myself

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So, this simple post will be an interview to myself. This is for the followers to get to know me and anyone who is interested to get to know me better. The answers won’t be long, maybe a sentence or two. But I hope this interview on myself give in an insight to who I am as a person!

What Do You Do for A Living?

Besides being a stay at home mom, I’m also a writer, blogger and author.

Do You Have Enough Money?

That’s an easy answer, no not really. But I do have enough money to live and support my family.

Do You Think You Are a Good Person?

I Think I am. I like to help others and I try to be there for people who need it. I don’t very much like it when people are hurt, so whenever I can help, I try.

Who’s Your Best Friend?

I have about five and they are awesome! One I met in middle school and the other four I met on my Tumblr blog. They have been there for me throughout my struggles and even my happiest times. They put in perspective how my life should be and they don’t pull punches with me. And for those reasons I really do see them as my BFF’s!

How Often Do You Laugh?

Normally when me and my husband do or say something super silly or usually when I’m watching a comedy.

Who’s Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

I did have one. But greatly, I kicked them out of my life because I knew they were against me and not for me.

Do You Think You’re Strong?

Somedays yes, but there are other days when I don’t see myself as strong.

What Was the Most Stupid Thing You’ve Done So Far?

Now, I can’t think of anything…but I’m sure I’ve done some stupid stuff that would make me cringe.

What Do You Fear the Most?

Losing everything that I worked for. Coming out of a family shelter makes you realize what’s important in life. Me and my husband have built ourselves back up from that event and I would be afraid to lose that again.

Are You Happy?

For the most part yes! I have four beautiful children that I’m just in love with. I have a very supporting, loving and dedicated husband. I have a good support system amongst my friends I have made over the years. Over all, I have so much more then I had over the years and I should say I’m truly happy 😊!

Beautiful Glance


He was alluring, nothing like the men I’ve encountered in my life.

He was deathly appealing for how the way his mind work.

He was deeply charming for that deep look he makes for whenever he is in deep thought.

He has the ability to bring smiles and senses to everyone’s faces, even when his smiles and beliefs disappear.

No he wasn’t cute for something so simple as his appearance and his face.

He was extremely beautiful deep down in his electric soul…

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