I don’t think I’ve told you yet…

That I love you…

I don’t think I told you yet…

That you bring me so much happiness…

I don’t think I told you yet…

That you mean the world to me…

I don’t think I told you yet…

You are my one and everything…

I love you…


I Love You: Emotional Poems Vol. 1: Updated


Updated my Wattpad Poem Book

Series of 25 Emotional Love poems dedicated to the soulful heart…

The One

Forbidden Taste

Deeper Please

Surprise Effect

I feel your hands dancing in my hair,

The soft material is wrapped around my eyes,

Darkness is what is in front of me,

Goosebumps creeps along my skin,

I can feel your warm breath down my neck,

A cold substance brushes upon my lips,

Traveling down my heated neck,

Circling my erect nipples,

Enticing my every move,

Dancing down my stomach with every ripple,

Warm lips replace the cold,

I can feel your soul embracing my body,

The licking and sucking of my nipples puts waves of enjoyment through my body,

The hardness of your thrust makes me see velvets of red and darken stars through my blind eyes,

The feel of warmth wrapping around my lips and tongue,

Drinking in your salty soul as it goes down my throat,

Your soft cries of passion rings in the air and hovers over our naked bodies,

How these surprising effects can wash over me with your essence wrapped around my tongue,

Words don’t describe the feelings I feel as the darkness disappears and I’m meet with your love drunken eyes,

Time moves at a slower pace as my heart descends into your warm shaken hands,

The affects you give me is nothing but a relief as your lips touch my skin…its nothing but a surprise effect you have on my body and soul…






When I feel that urge to come,

I pull you closer to me,

I breathe in short bursts,

I close my eyes to the sound of your moans,

My head tilts back in bliss,

My mouth opens slightly; you capture my very last air,

My thighs turn into steel as I hit my peak; I start to melt as my high disappears,

The feel of you is so perfect and so real…that it makes you feel like you’re everything…


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I Love You: Emotional Poems Vol. 1 ~Wattpad~


The feeling is strange; so, strange that it starts to make my heart ache and my mind go numb.

It’s too familiar yet too strange. The depth of these feelings is layered. Saddens, grief, anger, loneliness. It all feels and taste bitter with emotions.

I never know how to define it. I never know how to handle the despair.

I want to smile, laugh along with everyone but something in me grabs my heart tight, crushes it to pieces.

The brightness inside of me is gulped by something dark. No, I would be wrong to say it is dark – it is empty, nothing else…


Sorrow Songs

I slowly inch towards you in the deep dark night.

I find my way to you as you hovered over in pain.

I hear your sorrow song through the deep forest.

Its song beckons me.

Its long full sound rings through the night air like a harp full of birds singing a joyous song.

The sound of your dark heart brings the deep nature in blue and grey.

I put my hands through your hair and bring you to life.

Let me fill your soul with love and deep passion.

Let me fill your senses with my scent.

Let me kiss your dying lips to life.

Let me help you believe again.

Let me help you sing a joyous melody…