Resurrect Me

This time,
In this deep world,
You breathed life into me,
Kiss by kiss,
Your cold fingers moved into my soul,
I touched your face,
My life started to erase from this world,
But you are my angel; the smile that brought me back to life,
I become your blissful slave,
The moment you touched me,
You breathed life back into me,
Resurrect me from this darken world…


The depth of you is a prey of this dark love.
Your fingers crawl deeper into my skin as I try to slither away.
This kiss is so cold…so dark…so deep…
I start to grow apart from you.
The deep seas of the world sends us away.
There’s this fire in your eyes.
After all these years.
The poison you left inside me still runs through my body, reaching towards my aching and bleeding heart…

The Wonder of Your Love

It’s this bond we share. This love that you bring to me.
You glue me together with your touches and you kiss me with your mind.
I listen to your breaths as you hold me.
I count the stars that linger into your eyes.
I listen to your every whisper as you brush your soul into mine.
Your like a midnight breeze that carries me into my dreams.
You are that bright moon that lights up my darken spirit.
The wonders of what you can bring has always brought me nothing but joy…The wonders of your love for me has always brought me bliss…

Loved Feeling Lust


Your lips taste sweet.

This kiss is forbidden but it taste so sweet.

Your breath feels hot on my mouth.

Between your urgent hands caressing my body, the touch was limitless.

I melt into your arms.

The moment our skins touched it was like heaven.

These feelings were deep in love, but our bodies were deep in lust…