Summer Love-Chapter 1

It’s been a long week for us.

We were tired and stressed out. There were some days where we wanted to give up. Working in the life of retail can change your perspective on life. But I wasn’t going to let this stop me on the summer plans that I have created for us…

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Tell me,
How is it, my love,
You make me gasp for air,
The stars shine in the sky,
Every night I wish you were mine…

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There was a time,
Where our lips were in sync,
I ached for your body,
Pressed against mine,
Your heart,
Is sacred to me,
Your face,
Is a beautiful hidden world to me…


The Lover’s Throne


The King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms make love on The Iron Throne. NSFW

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This desire,
A feeling,
Deep emotions,
Wanting to have you,
Wishing to feel you…