Sounds of Love

There was a sound that I never heard before,
It was soft and it filled my heart with love,
The sound was beautiful,
It made everything around me feel alive,
It was the deep soulful sounds of love…

The Last Time I Saw Him

The last time I saw him,

His eyes were bright and full of love. He had a smile on his face. It really gave me the joy to see him smile. I felt his laughter in my heart. He was so happy to see me, he gave me the warmest hug. And I gave it right back to him. His warm embrace made me feel safe and secure.

The last time I saw him,

He was in a good place. He made everyone around him feel warm and welcomed. That’s when I knew I was in love with him. His every soul was apart of me and I wanted to be near him at every moment. I wanted my universe to be everything about him, my whole life depended on his happiness.

The last time I saw him,

He held my hand in his and he gave me the devastating news. His cancer was spreading and he only had a few days to live. My heart was heavy and I was deeply wounded but I needed to keep his light with me. I needed to keep his joy in my universe and make him see that I will always be there with him.

The last time I saw him,

His light was gone and his eyes were closed. His soul had moved on and I was left out into the bitter cold. My tears fell so hard that I almost forgot what he looked like. His love was gone and I was to distraught to pick myself up again. The last time I saw him his eyes were bright and full of love and he was still here on this earth…

Darkest Night

Through all this time through the darkest night,
Your love has always been everlasting,
You have kept me on the right path,
Swimming through the darkest of nights…

Deathly Bottle

She was looking at the bottle and it was giving her an itchy feeling. A feeling that was starting to make her nausea. Being locked up in the dimly lit room with this bottle across from her wasn’t a good thing.

She craved this suspense that was inside the bottle. It was eating at her sweaty flesh. She heaved and puffed in agony. The deathly bottle was making her weary. She needed the substance that was inside that jar. But the illness that is inside that jar would kill her.

With everything in her will power, she tried to stop the urge. Her skinned itch which she tried to scratch, her heart was beating fast as she tried to keep it still. She did everything she could in that dimly-lit room to keep the urge at bay, but the will power fell through.

She hurriedly got up from the space from across the room and eagerly started to drink from the bottle. The liquid went down smooth, but it also started to poison her veins. It started to deteriorate her body. The lingering urge was going away, but by drinking this deadly liquid; it would be only a matter of time before it becomes the death of her…

Oceans of My Heart

My heart to you…

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Stranger To You

I could smell the lingering cigarette as he smudged it out with his black canvas boots. His deep brown eyes were staring at the pavement ground. I can hear his music blasting from his headphones. He seemed very intense as he was staring at the floor. All I could do was give him a little once over…

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Dance of Romance

I dance and I play,

I sing and I weep,

I fall into your arms,

In this summer heat,

I dance and I play,

I love and I drench in bliss,

I dance into this romance,

In a slithering heap…