How To Keep Space With A Dysfunctional Family

“And if your dysfunctional family is too toxic for your well-being and life, then you have every right to change those relationships and to set those boundaries to make your life happy…”

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The Escape: Collection of Passionate Poetry Writings


The series started off as just a dream. A dream of which I could not escape. So I decided to spill my dreams into words of passion, entity and provocative bliss. The collection of my deepest thoughts are for you to behold…

Come join the elaborate adventurers of endless poetry writings of love, life, and deep happiness.

Print Length: 101 pages

Publication Date: March 15, 2018

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Alluring High

Whenever life gets that much difficulty, I can run into this room that you are in. I may be out of breath, but I know I have to get to you quickly. Your right there in front of me; your stance is alluring threw my drunken eyes, your dark eyes giving me a once over, your strong face that seems to give out every emotion I feel. I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t want to feel you inside of me at this moment…
Super NSFW Erotic Short Story…

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True love is waiting,
Patiently to touch your face,
True love is waiting,
Patiently to say I love you,
True love is waiting,
Patiently prove my love for you…

How To Keep Space With A Dysfunctional Family


“The key to keeping yourself happy (and sometimes safe) is to adjust our own personal actions, without expecting our family members to change in any way. We each have the power to improve any relationship, regardless of how the other person is acting. Believing in your power to transform your relationships is the key to making real progress and alleviating much of the stress of family dysfunction in your life. But even with this mindset, we still have to set those barriers…”

Here is my latest article with Coffee House Writers “How To Keep Space With A Dysfunctional Family”

Thankful For My Journey


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