Raven Haired Boy

The raven-haired boy,

The look of him is to be admired,
He sets hearts and souls on fire
He makes your world skip a beat,
He makes you reach up into the sky and capture the stars in its glow,
The raven-haired boy,
He makes you want to spread your wings and fly,
So high in the sky,
That you would want to sing so high,
This raven-haired boy,
He would make you take his hand,
And set sail with him to a new world of life,
The raven-haired boy,
Sets your world on fire,
As he brings you into a new world high…

The Dream of Darkness

The plague of my dark mind runs deep into my soul,

In the dim lights of those deep dark thoughts,

In my mind, there’s darkness seeping into my reality,

It rattled my mind,

It blackened my soul,

The deep darkness of my dreams,

Blackened my reality…

Stranger Things Season 3 Review

It’s hard to say much more about Stranger Things Season 3 without giving away too much. With a refreshing helping of humor and summer sunshine, this time around Stranger Things focuses on what the show does best…

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In these trees of life…


In these trees of life,
I beg to hold you,
I want to summon your lust into me,
In these trees of life,
I want to feel you deep within my soul…

My Top Disaster Movies to Binge Watch

Disaster Films whose plots revolve around something huge, horrible, and natural heading towards the protagonists, and their reactions to it.

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I am her’s and she is mine…