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Why I Love the Show Superstore

With Game of Thrones, Stranger Things and Big Mouth still not on TV at the moment, I and my husband have been struggling to find something good on TV to watch. One night my husband stumbled upon “Superstore” on Hulu and I just have to say I thank him every day for showing me this amazing show!

This show is about an oddball family of employees at supersized megastore Cloud 9 tackles the day-to-day grind of rabid bargain hunters, riot-causing sales and nap-worthy training sessions. Stalwart employee Amy is just trying to hold it all together despite the best efforts of her daftly clueless manager Glen and his iron-fisted assistant Dina. Rounding out the crew is new hire Jonah, a dreamy dreamer, sardonic Garrett, ambitious Mateo and sweet young teen mother Cheyenne. From bright-eyed newbies to seen-it-all veterans, bumbling seasonal hires and in-it-for-life managers, they’re all going to get through another day — together.

Honestly, if you ever worked in retail, this show will defiantly give you tickle and maybe some bad memories. All of the out laddish scenarios in this show I’ve encountered a few times at my job at American Girl. My husband really can relate to this show because of his 20+ years in retail as a store manager. Overall this show is really entertaining. My favorite character out of everyone in the show is Garrett. His dry senses of humor and quick sarcasm really remind me of my husband.

I really do recommend this funny show to watch on Thursdays on NBC or you can stream seasons 1-3 on Hulu!