Beneath The Rose

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My chapter to my Wattpad vampire love story “Vampire Heart”

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Vampire Heart-Midnight Light


There was hunger in Janita that she had not felt in a long time. There was never a time in her human life that Janita has ever been fulfilled. The bliss, the high, the passion of both vampires lovemaking started to slow down just as the room became dense of blood and sweat. This was the extra release Janita needed. Hell and blood were flowing through their veins. But in that exact moment, the night air let them relish into their vampire pleasure…

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Really Loved: Romantic Poetry Book



“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without and find that breath is of little consequence.”
― Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

50 romantic poetry writings for you to indulge in and fall in love with…

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Vampire Heart-Killing Loneliness

The raindrops outside the grimy streets of London made everything so serein and dark in the room. Janita laid across her sick bed. Coughing and hacking so much blood in her soaked handkerchief. Only a few weeks have passed since Janita and Vincent have met and already their encounter had come to admire one another.

At first, Janita thought she would never see the dark curly hair stranger ever again. It had only been a few days apart from their last meeting when he stumbled back into the brothel. A few nights they didn’t make love to each other. Just small chit-chatting about themselves. It seems mostly Janita was talking more about her life then Vincent was. But every ongoing night, Vincent became more like a regular of sorts. Soon after the first few weeks, Janita would cancel all her appointments during the evening, just to be with Vincent every passing hour of the night.

Their lovemaking only grew intense and passionate. He never made her feel like a worthless whore, but more like a goddess to be worshiped. There were nights where he would leave small bite marks on her tender body. But by the next morning, they would completely disappear along with her handsome lover.

It wasn’t long before Janita could realize that she was falling deeply in love with Vincent. It wasn’t just his handsome features she was falling in love with. His charm, his boldness and at times his dry humor can be intriguing and seductive by nature. He seemed wise, far wiser beyond his years. But he still had a soft young face that can at times distract the fact he can seem older by nature.

But deep down inside her, Janita knew this bliss would not last. She knew she would not be on this earth much longer. And for those reasons, she started to push Vincent away. Refusing to see him or speak to him on most occasions. She was on the verge of death. And to find this deep love that she had for Vincent would only kill her deeper inside.

A tear fell down Janita’s face as she looked out behind the dusted window of her darkened bedroom. The only thing that brightens the room was the lit candles that were scattered about. Death was only creeping beside her with each passing moment. All she could do was pray that it would take her swiftly and soundly. Her cream-colored nightgown clung to her sweated body as her fever started to take over. Her skin was deathly pale and her long raven black hair was matted to her soaked face. Blood stained her handkerchief and her white sheets.

‘When will death take me?’ Janita pleaded in her mind as she found it harder to breathe with each passing moment.

‘Not tonight my love’…

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Vampire Heart: Beneath The Rose

~~~This chapter contains sexual content and crude language. Intended for readers 18+~~~

She didn’t know this man’s name or where he had come from, but then again…she never knew her client’s name or where they come from. Something deep down inside Janita knew that this man was something different than the rest of the men she has been with.

Janita’s heart started to race as the tall man stepped close to her. He was now in front of her, his eyes glowing in the dim lit room. She held his gaze for a bit before she could find her voice to speak to him.

“What’s your name, sir?” she whispered to him. Her harsh English accent was ghost over his tilted lips. With a swift kiss, she started to breathe in his earthy scent. Just as he pulled away, he spoke his name.

“Vincent Catsby…”

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Vampire Heart: Wattpad Short Story

vampire heart

Janita is a depressed and lonely girl who works at a local brothel in the 1800s of London and her only way out is to wait for her death from her illness or commit suicide. An ancient vampire named Vincent comes along and instead of Janita dying or taking her own life…helps her live for all eternity…

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