Just as you caress my face, it starts to make me feel alive and aggressive to your wanted touch.

I start to lean into you as you grope in between my thighs and travel up my heated body.

I clutch your arms as I felt your fingers dance in between and inside me.

I’m your personal cosset…you can use me as much as you please.

I never felt so alive as you start to pull hard on my hair and spank me hard on my ass as I start to scream your name in pleasure.

I start to cuddle into your arms…The sensation of your touch sends me into a blissful dream.

I dandle in between your fingers and throbbing member…lucid into a dream and reality of your fingers and prick deep inside of me.

I’ve always embraced you…I don’t think anything you would do to me would make me run away from you…

Just the feel of your lips on my skin just sends shivers down my spine.

I grab hold of your firm ass as you plow into me…

The scream…

The noise that echoes throughout the room…

The climax that comes crashing down in between us…

Just after our blissful foundling, is that warm hug that I anticipate.

It’s that passionate love that you put into your embrace, I only want more of it.

You kiss my tender neck as I drift off to sleep.

I know you will be there when I wake…you are nestling over my body that tells me that you won’t leave me.

The foundling you did to my soul just left me wanting more of you…but I would just have to wait till the sunrise…then I will ask you for my second helpings…

47 Meters Down: Uncaged

My latest date night movie review…

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Drunk in Love

I’m Drunk in Love with you… NSFW

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Submit to Me

…Over and Over…


… Again, and again…

I wanted it to stop…I couldn’t take it anymore…it was putting my body on fire…I muffled into the ball gag to stop…could he understand me? Would he understand me?

He took off my ball gag…I almost screamed for him to stop…he pulled my hair back, he made me look into his dark and deadly brown eyes…he asked me…one last time…

“Do you submit to me…forever?”

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“Dark Space” New Characters & Ships

So “Dark Space” will be my original short story sci-fi fiction on my Inkitt page!

It was an original Game of Thrones/Aliens fan fiction story but I decided to switch it up and make an original short story out of my creation! Here is the new names and plot for my novelette sci-fi story!

In deep space, the crew of the commercial starship X-8001B is awakened from their hyper-sleep capsules halfway through their journey home to investigate a distress call from an alien vessel on an unknown planet. Terror starts to unfold as one of the aliens gets a hold of the ship and takes off each crew member one by one. 

Starship: X-8001B
The Computer for Starship: AG1927
Science Officer: James E.L
Head Engineer: Daniel Fly
Second Engineer: Rick Blake
Pilot Navigator: Chan Rumple
Executive Officer: Ryan Hinge
Ship Captain: Carter Clark
Warrant Officer: Keith Casey
Second Warrant Officer Sydney Smith
I’m hoping this revision will be done by the summer/fall of 2020.

Top Ten Movies for Halloween

From childhood classic like Halloweentown to cult favorites like Beetlejuice, I guarantee you’ll find some favorites here in this little list.

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Killer Klowns From Outer Space Movie Review

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