My confession…


My confession in this darkness…Is that I crave for you…I want you in the most haunted way…As dark as I am…As dark as my soul…You are my light…You bring me back to pieces…I want you in the most haunting way possible…


Rose Wine


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Drunk on Love


Wet your lips,
Tantalize your tongue,
Escape your heart,
I make your veins hum,
They burn from the inside
Swallow me down,
Drink me,
Complete me,
Intoxicate my soul,
You are in my presence,
You are in my essences,
Dizzy and spent,
Stumble and unrooted,
Room spinning and unsteady,
I’m drunk on your love…

Dirty Princess Whore

To touch you,
I scream for mercy,
I beg for more…

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Name Day

In honor in someone’s name day…here is the Fan Fics that he has helped inspired me to write…

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“Passion Rose”


His fingernails
marking me…
I can feel the pain
and pleasure
of it all against
my skin…
Don’t stop…

My new erotic/romance short story “Passion Rose” coming soon…